Share the Love Inc. is partnering with Journey against Violence (JAC) to begin raising funds for an addiction center to be built in Liberia Africa. This journey began last year when Will Shockey traveled to Liberia on a missions trip.
During this trip Will was introduced to a man named Joshua Blahyi, formally known as General Butt Naked. Mr. Blahyi was once a feared war lord of Liberia. He committed many war crimes and terrible actions. However, Mr. Blahyi changed his life around many years ago and began living a God centered life.
To atone for all his past actions he devoted his future to helping the tortured youth in Africa be able to lead a better life. Many of the men that Mr. Blahyi has helped to date are the same child soldiers he had commissioned to help him carried out the war crimes. These young men now lead a life of drug abuse and poverty. The Journey against violence foundation that Mr. Blahyi formed pulls these men out of the ghettos of Liberia and helps them on the path to a new way of life. The men are detoxed out of their drug induced states. Once they are well enough to join the other men they begin to learn life skills. This usually consists of learning a trade that is needed in Liberia. Some men learn to make bricks, some learn to build buildings, and others may learn how to bake. Because of their past many of them have never been to school. They are taught these academic skills as well at the JAV compound that Mr. Blahy has built.
Mr. Blahyi and Will are raising money to expand the Journey against violence compound in Liberia. They have committed to raising enough funds to build a facility to begin accepting females looking to escape the grips of addiction. He has had to turn these people away for years because of not having enough funds to erect another building. Through prayer and blessings from God they have been able to start this project but need help in finishing out this vision.
We are asking that you partner with us today in making this dream a reality. Help Mr. Blahyi and Will finish out this project and achieve the dream of helping hundreds of women escape the violence and addictions that encompass the ghettos of Liberia.